A Garden in Drought – 2017.02.23

A Garden in Drought – 2017.02.23

The Lord will guide you always;
he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land
and will strengthen your frame.
You will be like a well-watered garden,
like a spring whose waters never fail.

Isaiah 58, 11
Our journey has many question marks. Looking back, often comes the question of whether this or that was really right, or whether a different approach might have been better. And what we have decided today, if that was so appropriate? Perhaps tomorrow will show that we were not right. And what about tomorrow and the day and the next year? We do not know everything.
God hovers over our lives when we have given Him our lives into His hand. He has sort of a bird’s eye view on our lives. Some things He has approved because they were not so important; another is permitted to reduce our pride; and some thinsg He has admitted that we seek Him and His consolation. We probably would not have believed if our lives had always been a great success.
And the same goes for today and for the future. He allows some wrong decision, because He wants us to depend on Him and His grace. He allows some failure, so that we seek His comfort and His help. If we succeed in everything we do not need His blessings. Then we forget him quickly.
So I can say yes to my ways, in the past, at present and in the future. I know: The Lord is above it all. Often He has saved me, when it was needed. This is my security. Now I can accept lesser evil, it is for Him, for his vision, not so bad. He will lead me forever, I know. If I get lost, so it is here and brings me back to the right path. How good is this security! It makes me brave. I can make mistakes, God fits! This is a great freedom, that He gives me thereby.
Sometimes you are in the “arid land” in the desert. Emotionally, we are at the bottom. There is nothing of what we once had. Like Job, where everything was destroyed, even health. But even in drought He is with me, makes my body and my soul sick, and strengthens my limbs.
I feel, I live in drought and am completely reliant on His provision. And others think, I live in an oasis.
Yes, I am in drought, but the Lord has a source for me. And as long as I cling to him, my life is like an oasis, like a watered garden in the middle of the desert and I can be a blessing for others.
Thank you Heavenly Father, You always made me satisfied! You care for all things, and I had plenty. When I not familiar to you, I’d worry and distress. But now You care for me and that’s good !! Thank You for letting me be a blessing. Thank You that you will take care of me forever. In your hand I’m experiencing life, even through dying. Because I am with you I am safe.

Bible Reading Today: Genesis 3

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