A Marriage ​- 2019.05.26​

A Marriage ​- 2019.05.26​

That is why man leaves His father and mother
and is united to his wife,
and they become one flesh.
Genesis 2:24

When reading above words I often got a guilty concience, felt like a failure. The pastors explain to us sinful people how we should behave by presenting the biblical ideal. Many marriages are not in order, their love cools down, often dies completely. But the truth is only God, His Spirit can fulfill the commandments of marriage, we not in our own strength.
And how God did that? He sent His Son who left His natural father and mother, who left heaven, His own divinity, to totally bind Himself to His wife, the church, to the people who follow Him. Inseparable and forever He is bound to His bride. They are one. Nobody can touch this marriage, can spoil it with fleshly human things. What He binds man should not separate. He will watch over the marriage, over His church. In His name there is full protection! He is in our midst. He will not forget, nor forsake us. Nobody can pull us out of His hand. He, who lives in us, is stronger than he, who rules the world.
It is so important and liberating to understand marriage as God has given it to us in His grace. Thinking about the normal human marriage one of course dreams of a perfect relationship. Great is the desire in the beginning and dreadful the disappointment when the goal is not achieved no matter who is to blame.
No, only with Jesus our dreams come true! He enables us to live as faithful partners who support, understand, encourage each other, who can talk to each other about everything.,No one lets the other hang, together one goes through thick and thin, one does each other good  and much more. That`s what Jesus gives us. He hold His hands over our covenant.

Thank You, Jesus. You are everything to me! You never disappointed me. Thank You for Your faithfulness, Your love, Your patience, Your consolation! You are like a groom to me who loves his bride heartfelt and hot. Thank You!

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