A new day​ – 2019.08.06​

A new day​ – 2019.08.06​

Those who know your name
trust in you,
for you, Lord, have never
foresaken those who seek you.
Psalm 9, 11

It is precisely here that the Gospel is expressed in an excellent way: He will not leave me! In every oppression He is with me, He is my castle and my helper! He is my comfort, my strength! He is my joy, my life, my hope!
That is why I seek Him in the morning, when I get up before the day begins. Sure, I’m as tired in the morning as everyone else, but I know the day will be chaotic if I haven’t handed it over to the Lord. I need His help in everyday life, that is more important to me than anything else. Only in this way can I survive the storms of life and the little things of everyday life. I need Him, my help, helper, saviour, my Lord: Jesus. Without Him, the day will only be stress and anxiety.
How good it is when one can turn to the Lord in all oppression, in all problems (be they health or career or family). He understands what I mean. He is there and carries me through. How good this does, how good this knowledge and this confidence is!
HE alone is the Lord of my life. Not the problems and not other people, only HE alone.
That is why I come to Him early in the morning, pour out my heart to Him, worship Him and praise Him. Then we can master the day together. That is really relieving and makes me happy. He is here, my helper!
Yes, we can make friends with Jesus. He is the one who totally understands me. He is the one who always stands by me. He is the one who brings me through the day and through life. He has always kept His word and one day I will stand before the Father and He will stand up for me. How good this knowledge is! In His hand I am safe ….

Thank You Jesus! You are my salvation and my saviour! With You I can finish this day well. You take care of me. Thank You!

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