A new heart – 2015.05.31

A new heart – 2015.05.31

Praise the Lord!
How good it is to sing praises to our God,
how pleasant and fitting to praise Him.
He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.
Psalm 147: 1-3

Yes, in His presence our pain is taken away. He gives us rest, fills us with peace and joy. Where we are better off than near at His side. Why our heart is so broken and why there are so many painful wounds?
We immediately make our neigbour responsible for that who has hurt us. Or we are reminded of the angry words of the last marriage crash. How much children or parents could disappoint us! How often we tried in vain to achieve goals! How often it seemed that other have destroyed our fortune. Is it really true that we are hurt by others only?
How much a pure heart is suffering when it realizes that you have suddenly sinned and lied. The purity is damaged! You find out that you use things which are not belonging to you respectively which are misused by you. How much our own thoughts of revenge are plaguing us sometimes. Angry thinking often causes sleepless nights. A heart which only thinks of himself, about his well-being, lives in great captivity which will lead to a dead end. How strongly vulnerable are some people! One wrong word, even one evil look could be enough to encourage people totally.
Jesus wants to heal our heart. He wants that it is strong and healthy. He prophecied: Your heart of stone I will remove to give you a heart of flesh, a heart which knows what is good and right. The heart which is loved by the Lord and has mercy with its neigbour does not need any rules to appreciate and value him.
The new heart given by Jesus endures injustice. It protects us against all evil words. Lies and deceit do not harm anymore as Jesus in us forgives and restores. The heart is steadfast even inmidst of a storm totally trusting in God and in His justice. Yes, Lord, this kind of heart I am willing to receive.
In such a heart there is no place for thoughts of revenge, for envy or greed. It does not care only about itself. Jesus is now in the middle of its interest. It trusts in God and is free, strong and not in bondage.

Thank you, Jesus, You are giving me a new heart. It will trust you, and is not possessed by own interests anymore. I thank you for new thinking and emotions. You are changing me so that my heart becomes more and more like yours. How wonderful it is to be in your presence. You are comforting my heart and binds up its wounds.

Bible reading today: Luke 3: 19-38

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