A new self  –  2020.08.25

A new self  –  2020.08.25

Put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.
Ephesians 4:24

When we observe other people, we are quick to notice their faults. We see how imperfect they are. And often we also notice bad qualities: lying, cheating, stealing, taking advantage, addictions and other things. We do realise that we ourselves are far from perfect, but we have many excuses for our misconduct and imperfect character.  We are rarely to blame.
But once we have realized how far away we are from the image of God for which He created us, we can change something; – with His help.
There are many influences that work on us: The country we live in, our parents, ancestors, school, kindergarten, teachers, education, neighbours, friends, colleagues … All of them leave traces on and in us, negative and positive. How do I deal with this? What becomes of my life is my sole responsibility! You can see it in the bible text above that WE should discard the old person and WE should put on the new one. God does not do it for us.
Turning away from sin is a cornerstone. Reparation and forgiveness of my sin is a second step. When I forgive the guilty, I become free and do not remain trapped in bitterness and self-pity. Submitting to God and letting Him be King in my heart is the foundation for new life. If He is allowed to form us, His Holy Spirit works in us, which we cannot do: Love, mercy, warmth, contentment and gratitude, positive thinking, patience, kindness and much more. Just look at Jesus’ character, how positively  He influenced people, how popular He was! How people ran after Him, how they felt accepted by Him and trusted Him. Jesus was the image of God. We have yet to become one. Old Christians like Corrie ten Boom have shown that it is possible. I also want to give myself completely to this Lord, so that He can work in me and through me. I want to do everything I can to avoid blocking Him, e.g. forgive my “enemies”, bless them. Then I can come a little closer to my goal: To be the image of God in these crazy times.

Thank You Jesus, with You it is possible to become like God. You work in me! And where I block, show me! I want to belong and obey You, so that my life has a meaning. Thank You for loving me.

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