A pure heart   –  2020.01.19

A pure heart   –  2020.01.19

“Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God!”
Matthew 5:8

Who does not want a pure heart? Pure like white blossom, free from all dirt or any filthy imagination, free from bitterness, vengefulness, self-pity, merciless selfishness. Who does not wish that every thing will be forgotten what we have done wrong? But are we ready to pay the price? Instead we yearn for having erased all dirty spots of our life and wail if we would not have done so many bad and evil things.
Jesus was the Son of God and at the same time a man just like you. He had to endure a lot of injustice, lies, fraud, damnation, all the misery of this fallen world. He, however, remained silent, did not fight back and forgave as they did not know what they do. No, He was long-sufffering, merciful, patient, full of kindness and meekness. He treated everyone with respect and hope, also customs fraudsters, pleasure-seeking girls, or even severely criminals.
He reflected Gods character. His heart was pure and holy without any dark spots. The Holy Spirit guided Him in everything, enabled Him to live without guilt inmidst if sinful people, to be a light in a dark world. Do you understand now why one needs Jesus, why you have to cling to Him if you want to be redeemed and safe?
Jesus wants to plant in us God
s character, wishes to give us a new heart so that all former faults, failures, all dirt are wiped out. We are then completely new, an image of God. Do you want that? If so, then invite Him to be King in your heart.

Thank You, Jesus, You are the only One who purifies my heart, makes it holy that it is pure before God. You wipe out all stains and wrinkles, redeem me from bitterness and self-pity, fill me with love, patience, purity, and kindness. Only together with ​Y​ou my heart can be pure and holy. thank You for new life!

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