A strong God  –  2019.10.12

A strong God  –  2019.10.12

Have this mind among yourself, which is yours in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 2, 5

Jesus was like God, but He did not hold fast to be like God. But He emptied Himself and became like a slave and like men. His life was that of a human being. He humbled himself and was obedient until death, until death on the cross.
Thus was Jesus: humble, without selfishness, obedient to God, trusting in God.
He was so different from all other people. We like to show our power and our wealth; – He does not. We do not give up our trump cards; – He did. We want to go up; – He went down. We want to be perfect, like God; – He left His divinity in heaven. We determine our way and our goals ourselves; – He allowed Himself to be determined by God.
If you want to become a leader in the kingdom of God, then Jesus must be your role model. Your life must be like His. If you are looking for a leader, then he must be like Jesus, or strive for it. If you take a leader, a pastor, an example or an apostle who has other goals and a different lifestyle, do not be disappointed in the end! It was your own choice.
Jesus is building His own church, His bride who loves Him. He calls leaders to do this according to His heart. He brings together His people from all churches, denominations, countries and peoples. He calls the leaders according to other criteria like the church, read Acts 6. His selection looks for faithfulness, wisdom of God, full of the Holy Spirit, humility, etc.
Whether one can speak Greek and Hebrew is only important in line 2, if at all. He calls a college together, brothers who complement each other. Never can an individual have all the gifts of leadership.
Let us search the church of Jesus and leaders for His meaning! Let us build the congregation of Jesus beyond the boundaries of our church! Let us become active for Jesus, for His kingdom, for His church, His bride! Let us sanctify ourselves for Him, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings! He is worth it!

Thank ​Y​ou Jesus, ​Y​ou free ​Y​our people from slavery and bondage and passivity. You are a strong and benevolent LORD! I follow ​Y​ou, for ​Y​ou love me!

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