A wonderful day!

A wonderful day!

This is the day of the Lord’s victory;
let us be happy, let us celebrate!
Psalms 118, 24

Wonderful is the Lord! His creation is absolutely beautiful and astonishing. The sky is so big! The clouds skim across the pure blue sky and have an infinite number of forms. The lush green of the fields and forests saturates the eye. The birds are chirping happily and full of joie de vivre. Wonderful, yes, really wonderful the Lord has made everything!
He is the Lord over all, and in every situation He has the final saying. He rules heaven, earth and the vast universe. Should anything be to difficult for such a powerful Lord? Since we can be happy today! For we are His beloved children. Should the Lord let us out of His sight even for a second? Should He ever stop standing by us friendly and helpfully? Should His patience be at an end today? Should He let win our enemies today?
No, every second He has in His hand. Since we can be assured and look forward to the day. It may be that God has other plans as we have and things are different, as we would like them to have. But He is just the Lord! HE decides! And He means well with us.
Yes, today we want to cheer and rejoice in Him and enjoy the day. We can be happy, because He is there. We should rejoice, even if our situation is not very rosy. He is the Lord!

Thank You, Father in heaven, You hold me tight in Your strong hand! So I may rejoice and be glad today. You are the mighty God who loves His child. Yes, today is Your day, You rule and You have the last word!

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