Adonai, the Lord  –  2020.12.09

Adonai, the Lord  –  2020.12.09

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.
Gospel of Luke 10, 27

Today I saw a video of the song “Adonai”. It moved me deeply, as the singer sang it from the heart. With every fibre of his body, heart and soul he sang with all his strength. He was completely moved by the adoration of Adonai. And so were the choir, and also the audience.
To love God only with our minds is not possible. To love only with the heart, so deep inside that nobody notices, is also not possible. We humans are more than just mind or heart, everything in us belongs together. How can we love exclusively with our mind? It is not possible. Body, mind, spirit, will, feeling, heart ….. everything belongs together and should praise and glorify God the King in unity.
Whoever loves God without any emotion must be very hard or immune to God. This is not possible for normal people. Look at football and see how enthusiastic people are. Yet all of this enthusiasm is not allowed in church? There is something wrong with our thinking!
When I heard the song, I went along with it. My body moved, I formed words in my mouth, my heart beat together with the singer and I wanted more of my God, to worship Him more, to be closer to Him ….. And I humbled myself before this great, infinite God and made myself small, – yes, I am unworthy to face this Lord. Only Jesus makes me worthy to stand before the throne.

Jesus, You are worthy, yes, You are worthy to receive praise and honour! All shall bow at your feet, Oh great King, all shall serve you, the King of Love! Jesus, great King, I dedicate my life to You!

The song “Adonai” can be found on YouTube or Google. The singer is a man named Elijah.
Adonai means: The Lord. The Jews considered God too holy to speak His name, and so they called Him Adonai, Lord. (See Wikipedia)

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