All for God  –  2020.06.30

All for God  –  2020.06.30

There you will seek the Lord your God, you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.
Deuteronomy 4, 29

Moses foretold that Israel would again fall away from God and serve other gods. But God will then pour much suffering on them and scatter them over the whole world. There they will seek God again, and if they earnestly seek Him and turn away from their compromises and false religions, they will find Him.
It is the same with us. If we turn our backs on God, make an effort in religion and try to become wise ourselves (in the sense of deeper, logical understanding), if we stuff ourselves with luxuries and goods, then we will miss His blessing. Then everything will go wrong somehow; or everything will go brilliantly, only peace is lost, happiness is no longer there, joy is gone, boredom, senselessness and greed rule us.
If we seriously turn back, away from religious satisfaction, away from the useless ballast of luxury, away from our rights to holidays, peace, celebrations and all kinds of things, if we no longer take ourselves so seriously, if we turn back to God and seek Him, with all the strength of our heart, then He can be found. If our conversion is genuine, He will see it and bend down again over us. Then He can fill our heart again, because all the other stuff is no longer there.
This is what God promises: Turn away from the useless things, seek Him earnestly, and He will come to you.
And God wants to say something else: It is not enough for Him that you spend some time with Him, read the Bible a little bit, go to church a little bit. He wants the whole of you. The way it is now is not enough for Him. Return to your first, hot love for Jesus! A little bit of lukewarm faith is too little in these times! Turn all of your heart to the Lord, and He will show you miracles.

Thank You Jesus, for being here! You are the mighty Redeemer, the Lord is Strife, the Deliverer, the Saviour and Helper! Lord, I want more from You!!

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