All for nothing??  –  2020.01.11

All for nothing??  –  2020.01.11

…The people labor for nothing, and the nations weary themselves only for fire.
Jeremia 51, 58

It’s about Babel, the proud city. I saw a city gate from that time in the museum in Berlin; – it is really impressive. And yet: everything passes away, is torn down and destroyed. Even the greats of time will pass away, Alexander the Great, Caesar, Mao, the pharaohs … What remains?
When the great ones pass away and nothing more is known of them, when the palaces, castles and walls pass away and nothing remains, what will happen to us? Perhaps our grandchildren still think of us, but even the great-grandchildren may have forgotten us. I only know a blurry photo of my great-grandmother, I don’t even know her first name …. Everything is forgotten and melted away.
What remains of our beautiful houses? Of our beautiful gardens? The luxury cars? Nothing. Everything is rotten and rusty …
Now it is good if we can enjoy the moment and enjoy life. That’s the way the Bible wants it. But the memories of the beautiful moments unfortunately also trickle away … What remains?
You could get depressed. But the Bible has one consolation and hope for us: Everything is written down with God, every day of my life. It says so in Psalm 139. Nothing is forgotten, nothing is in vain. Even the things I can’t remember myself are written in it.
Today we can also say that a video clip has been shot. There were no videos back then, they had to write everything in thick books. Today everything is stored in small chips and sticks. How it is with God in reality, I do not know. I only know: HE can remember everything, only the evil and bad things have been deleted by Him; – it should not be embarrassing for me. Jesus has erased everything through His blood, all my faults and failures; – how good!
In heaven we will watch the clip and rejoice together. Not a single moment has been lost! Everything has a meaning and a goal. Throw away those sad thoughts in the name of Jesus!!

Thank ​Y​ou Jesus, You have redeemed me, edited my video and deleted all evil, – how good! I’ll be glad when we watch it all in heaven: My days and how ​Y​ou were with me, because ​Y​our work can be seen there too. It will be wonderful!

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