Am I good? – 28.10.2014

“Good teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?” “Why do you call me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good—except God alone.“
Mark 10:17-18
Some children try to win love and attention of their parents, they are very good at this. Of course it is very pleasant for the parents, but it does not increase the love for the child. One loves his child, whether he behaves well or not.
Some adults try to do the same thing with God. They do not live very very righteously and sinfully. Now God ought to be pleased with them! They compare themselves with other people and realize they are even better. Such a fine man like them is hard to find! They seek God’s favor by going dutifully to the church and participating in everything. And yet Jesus concludes: "No one is good except God".
A young man who was very rich, came to Jesus and had this problem: He thought if he kept all the commandments he would be a good person. And yet he felt he lacks something. So he asks Jesus what to do. Jesus gives him the answer that no one is good but God.
Jesus wants us to rely on His grace. It is an unmerited favor of God to us, that we are saved and have eternal life. How can one deserve that? And yet people try to earn at least a small part of the ticket to heaven. Jesus asks us: What do we trust? What do we rely on? On our "goodness" or on His grace? As long as we try to earn heaven to ourselves, He can not give us His grace.
It is very liberating when we get away from this "self-righteousness" and really rely on His grace. He has loved us so, much and paved the way to our Heavenly Father! Now I’m saved, even if I make a mistake again! I am a child of God, even if I’m not perfect!
Thank you, Jesus, You cover my debt with your love like with a cloak. You forgive and forget. You do not reckon my fault against my goodness. You are a righteous judge who finds no fault in me, because You have carried the cross. And I did not earn anything, but it is your boundless love to me. Now I can be free and merry; I do not need to work hard trying anxiously not to make any mistakes. You’re with me and help me, even if I make mistakes.
Bible reading for today: Psalm 14:1-7 and Matthew 18:9-27
Note: Jesus’ humility and love for humanity goes so far, that He stood up on a stage with them. Although HE really did not commit a single sin, He will not be called "good" and directs only to His heavenly Father. Even when He was baptised by John, Jesus took the side of sinful men and was willing to accept the baptism. He is completely human. Therefore He can understand us and redeem.

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