An old pot  –  2019.0.16

An old pot  –  2019.0.16

One does not light a lamp and put it under a bowl.​ ​Instead one puts it on its stand so that it gives light to everyone in the house.
Matthew 5:15

When I recently went into my garden I found my old pot with a lantern inside. It was totally dirty covered with mud, had several bumps and even holes. I removed the lid and was amazed. A small light shone on me. The lamp was still burning, its flame trembled in the wind. But when I filled the lamp with oil and repaired the windshield, the light shone happily bright again. Now I turned over the pot and put the lamp on it. It was evening and it was already dawn. How beautiful such a light is in the dark. How soothing!
This event with the lamp gave me an instant insight that some Christians are just like this old pot: Oh, how unworthy, dirty and sinful I am! And what people think of me. And he should be a Christian?
What people should look at, the pot or the lamp? Should they be enthusiastic about the pot, be it beautiful or not, or about the light? When you prefer the pott then dress up yourself and make yourself pretty. But if life has been bad for you and the pot has holes and bumps then the light is there on what people better should look.
The dirt Jesus can wash off. Some bumps and holes remain. That should not bother us or even hurt our pride. But surely Jesus will make the lamp shine brightly, will light the light of hope, will put it on the pott. Then our life has a meaning again, the contact with the Lord is restored.  We need not to hide ourselves anymore wining around. Even in old age with all the frailty we may look to the light and trust the Lord in whom we have hope, comfort, strength and true life. In Him sin and death are defeated. He can make everything new. He, the light in us, is worth to be looked at.

Thank You, Jesus, You make me, an old pot, still somewhat usefull. Now I can shine for You. People look at the light in me and not at my holes and bumps. Thank You, You are at my side and light again the light of life .

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