Attacks and Defamations – 2014.10.18

No weapon fashioned against you will succeed, and you may condemn every tongue that disputes with you.
Isaiah 54, 17

Jesus predicted it right: We are attacked and slandered by others. But He has promised us His protection!
He knew that Peter will be tested by the tempter and will fail. So He said beforehand: The Satan will examine you. But I have prayed for you.
He Himself has been mocked by the people, tortured and nailed to the cross by them. But God has exalted and resurrected Him.
Stephen was stoned because of His faith, but He was there and took him in his arms.
Iob got fully examined. But the Lord set the enemy borders.
The Lord is Lord in every situation! He always and everywhere has the last word! In Him I am always safe!
It is true that we are constantly subjected to any attacks here on earth. We do not always know why. But we know that our Heavenly Father has only good thoughts and good plans for us. He wants to educate us, make us great and strong, He wants to take our obstructive pride or break our false religion, He wants to use us to win others for Him. If the path goes through difficulties, we do not want to lose heart, but we cling all the more to Him and search for security under His mighty wings. He has promised: The enemy has a limit for his actions; he can not do anything with you what he wants. Jesus is the Lord, He is there and never forgets or leaves you. The greater the need, the closer He is to you. No, no weapon can seriously harm us and no tongue can accuse us before God.
Thank you Jesus, for the security I have in You! You are the Lord who holds me firmly in His hand; – With You I am safe. You are my strength, my hope and consolation. How good is it to be with You!

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