Baptism of fire – 2019.07.23

Baptism of fire – 2019.07.23

John the Baptist says:
I baptise you with water (as a sign) for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and fire.
Matthew 3:11

If you look at this verse properly, it has a lot of importance for us. John was already a great preacher and servant of God. Jesus was much, much more. – John already had a lot for us, but Jesus has much, much more.
I’m afraid many have stopped at John. They love the rituals, they like to listen to sermons, they look at Jesus, the sacrificial lamb. But both John and Jesus always point out that there is more: Baptism of fire, assistance, consoler, fruits and gifts of the Spirit …. Do we even take this seriously?
I have just read an old book which proves that in all the times of church history and in all churches there were signs, miracles and the constant work of the Spirit. The present movements are not at all new, they have always existed. Signs and miracles have always happened in the name of Jesus, and are still exactly the same. Healings and other miracles happen through prayer in the name of Jesus; – just as it has always been.
I see myself and all the tired Christianity before me. What is missing? The fire is missing!
That is why my prayer for today is:

Lord Jesus, I want more of Your Spirit! It should penetrate me completely and take possession of me. I am tired of this tired, limp life. I want more! Lord, here I am, fill me with Your life and with the fire of the Spirit! Use me as You see fit! Yes, I belong to You, You are my Lord. AMEN.

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