Be joyful!  –  2021.06.02

Be joyful!  –  2021.06.02

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

Our faith has great power. It grows when we do what God’s Word tells us: Be joyful! Yes, some may say, but why? There is nothing to be happy about! Yes there is! There are so many beautiful things and experiences with God. We only forget them so quickly and we tend to focus only on the negative, where we forget about God. This makes it so easy for enemy to rob us of our hope, peace and faith.
Let us rather stick to God’s word. He, Jesus, is our hope! He allowed Himself to be crucified because He loves us; – should He then be indifferent to everything else? No, HE will also fulfil HIS word to us and save us again and again! That is why we can already be happy now, even if the tribulation is still there: HE has promised to stand by us and carry us through. That is why we can be patient in the tribulation, because HE is the victor! That is why we persevere in prayer, because we put our hope in God!
Let us do what God tells us to do: to stay in constant communion and conversation with Him, and to let His joy work in our lives. He Himself is the cause of joy!

Thank You, Jesus! You are with me, I can be joyful! You are my Saviour, Friend and Helper, so I can remain patient in affliction. You are there, You take an interest in me and my affairs, so I can discuss all my things with You, even every little thing. It’s nice to go through the day with You!

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