Becoming like God

Becoming like God

Then God said: “And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us.”
Genesis 1, 26

What is God like? He is loyal, gentle, patient, merciful, He likes to forgive, He is not resentful, He is love, friendly, full of mercy, He is good!
These are just a few attributes of God, but we see how perfect good and full of love He is. We would also like to be like Him! And we want the whole world is full of such people!
But our world is a very different picture. Murder, homicide, war, greed, hunger and epidemics govern. If humans would be something more like God, the world would be totally different!
Jesus was just as God is. He showed us God’s character, lived and acted like God. He could do nothing, if the Heavenly Father had not shown it to Him. He was very, very closely connected with God. This is the “mystery” of His life. He looks for followers who emulate Him and live in God’s image here in the world. In Jesus we can see how we actually are supposed to live. There is no selfishness, no “holy quiet zone” where no one can disturb us, no greed, no twisting of the truth. He lived in the certainty that God supplies Him. And God in deed provided Him in abundance with everything He needed.
If we want to be God’s image in this hard world, we need a new heart. God wants to give us His Spirit who transforms our heart, so that it beats like His heart beats. He wants to cleanse us from all sin and all the dirt. He wants to be very close to us, so we have protection and strength. He wants to provide us with everything we need. He will take us everything that hampers and burdens us; – Pride, selfishness, convenience, hardness, unforgiveness, judgmental spirit …. Yes, He wants to be our father, who surrounds us with love. Then we will be lights in this dark world!

Thank You, Father, You have a great calling for me! But I see that I’m still at the beginning and again sink into my selfishness. Please, give me a new heart that beats like Your’s! Only together with You I can become as You want it. Thank You for helping me and giving me Your spirit! Yes, I want to live for You as You live for me.

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