Belief – 2015.02.26

Belief – 2015.02.26

"Comfort, O comfort My people," says your God.
A voice says, "Call out." Then he answered, "What shall I call out?"
"Here is your God!"

Isaiah 40, 1.6.9
Amongst the people of God everywhere there are big problems. There God says "Comfort, O comfort My people," and I ask "What shall I call out?", He replies "I am here!".
For many people faith is an idea of God. Often these are doctrines that are believed. For example, that God is the creator. But often in practice that has little effect on me and my life. There should we go one step further: If God is the creator, then he has made me. If God is the God of love, then he has made me lovingly and because of love. If I believe in that, it has a huge effect on me.
He wanted me, I am not coincidence! He has wonderfully made me, as it pleased him. He has said „yes“ to me, even though he can see my whole life from beginning to end. He is my creator, he formed me in my mothers‘ womb, he is also there now! Directly with me, next to me, over me, even in me! Yes he is really there! It is not just a general idea that God is everywhere, it is much much more, the almighty God is on my side. Yes God is there.
I think many problems can be solved, if our belief changes from a general belief to a practical faith. He is there! For Him every problem has a solution. He deals with us out of love. He is merciful. He does not want to not judge but forgive. He is the Father, not the judge. There are so many topics where practical belief is needed. Theory and thinking about God is good, but God‘s thoughts are better.
Thank you Jesus that you are a God the can be touched! You are really there by my side. You help me in practical ways, always and everywhere. You can be asked for everything and hear my prayers. How good it is that in you I have found my best friend.

Todays bible verses: 1 John 1,2 – 2,2

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