Blessing and curse of work  –  2019.12.06

Blessing and curse of work  –  2019.12.06

God the LORD took the man and set him in the garden of Eden to cultivate and keep him.
1 Moses, Genesis 2, 15

God had created man and made him ruler over all things. He was to cultivate paradise and develop all that was hidden in creation, and he was to guard paradise so that all might be well.
But through the rebellion against God man became a sinner. And sin has the consequence that work is also cursed: thorns and thistles he makes grow for thee (on the ground), in the sweat of thy countenance thou shalt eat thy bread.
So it has remained to this day: Man tries to subject creation to himself and to fathom all the mysteries. But the work is hard and many, many people have to do the hardest work to have anything to eat at all. Sure, there are some who have a good job and are happy with it. But most of them work for a starvation wage and the work itself is deeply monotonous, tiring and unsatisfactory.
This is the result of sin. The enemy interferes by causing many “disturbances” and even catastrophes. Man exploits man and hardly leaves the poor alive.
Jesus came to free us from the curse. He is the redemption from sin and He also removes the curse that lies on work.
In the New Testament we find some instructions: Be joyful! Be thankful for everything, including the work! God takes care of you! Do your work gladly as if it were for the Lord, make an effort so that you may live in His glory!
Thanksgiving changes us and we find joy in our work. HE cares for us and things are getting better and better with us. Even the work we have to do is getting better. Our joy is contagious and the atmosphere at work gets better. He does not want to save us FROM the work, but bless us IN the work. It is important to him what and how we work, whether as lazybones, moaners or as reliable, loyal employees. He has many blessings for those who trust and follow Him. Be blessed in Him! For He can fundamentally change any situation.

Thank You Jesus, for my work! I want to do it joyfully, gratefully and seriously. You trust me to do it. Together with You even the most boring and difficult work becomes a blessing. You are wonderful because You change everything. Thank You!

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