Blessing in financial matters  –  2020.07.23

Blessing in financial matters  –  2020.07.23

The LORD commands the blessing to be at your side: in your storehouses and in all that your hands create.
Moses 5, Deuteronomy 28, 8

I certainly do not need to write about financial hardship, we have all experienced it at some point or are currently
in the middle of it. It is more interesting how we can get into the blessing of God in this area and live in it constantly without worries. That would be a real liberation from need for many.
It is God’s plan and desire that we are doing well, and this also requires enough money. We do not want to make it as easy for ourselves as some preachers do: “Give me your money and you will get it back from God 10 times over.” A lot of people gave that man money and have been waiting for 10 times that money ever since. Some great evangelists can promise a lot, and they collect a lot of money, but whether their word is really true or not doesn’t seem to be so.
We prefer to take an attitude that allows God to bless us with abundant blessings. This includes generosity and giving. Even if it is little, God considers it valuable. He thereby cleanses our hearts from greed and pride and selfishness. Giving away is unthinkable for many, but for us it should be normal.
Thanking is the next point. Grateful people like to receive gifts from God, HE surprises them with them. And this gratitude brings joy and helps in giving.
Faith is another important point. Who knows that God cares for him, doesn’t worry anymore. Read Matthew 7!
Humility is the next point. I am satisfied with what God gives and I don’t want to be high anymore. I can live with little and get along well. I don’t always need luxury, always the best, holidays and cruises, Mercedes or first class. I am also more frugal when it comes to clothes, when it comes to food you defeat greed, when it comes to shopping you should never be hungry……  Less is more! Constantly unfulfilled wishes make us very dissatisfied and grumpy. We do not need to compare ourselves with all the others! We only get jealous and there is always something missing…
Whoever uses money as a means of power does not get much from God. Those who need money to feel safe do not get much. Those who need money to raise their person and to be well off are overlooked by God. Whoever uses money as a means of power in the church to enforce his will is ignored by God. Those who compromise over money and lie and cheat cannot expect a blessing. Check your heart, your wallet, your desires! … and finally begin to thank and trust.

Thank You Jesus, all treasures lie with You. You are not stingy, but give to everyone who needs. Help me to be thankful and not to always try to follow new goals. Help me to stop worrying and trust in You. Help me never to succumb to the temptation to lie and cheat a little. Thank You, I am safe in Your hand!!

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