Blessing or curse  –  2020.07.18

Blessing or curse  –  2020.07.18

„And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, if you obey the voice of the Lord your God.”
5. Moses (Deuteronomy) 28,2

This chapter is very important, because it puts the people of Israel before the question and decision: What do you want? Do you want to obey the blessings of God and Him, or do you want to rebel and go your own way and reap the curse?
It is indeed addressed to the people of Israel and contains blessings and curses for many material things, such as rain, agriculture, city and country, health, etc. But we can easily transfer it for us as Christians and find the spiritual component with Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Israel itself will also only enter into the full blessing when it recognizes and accepts the Messiah.
We Christians no longer need to listen to every single commandment. We are in Christ and live the law by letting Christ work in and through us. We want to realize the basis of the law, the love and mercy of God, in our daily lives. Then the Holy Spirit leads us, and we obey Him. In this way we will fulfill the law of God. And if we make mistakes or relapse, Jesus intercedes for us, forgives us and wants to lead us on our way again. HE is grace, not a merciless judge.
I read the list of curses and transfer it into our present life. There I find much in the world, in our country, in the extended family, in me, where I recognize these curses. Yes, we’re still under the curse! – at least in part.
And I’m reading the list of blessings. And I see that many blessings work for many brothers and sisters and also for me. Yes, God keeps his promises! If we are His property, He blesses us! But I also see many blind spots where a person cannot claim the blessing because something is preventing him. Special obstacles are religion, the law and our “ability to compromise” with sin, and then there are the burdens of the sins of our ancestors. These blockages must be removed if we want to enter into the full blessing. How good it is that the Spirit of God helps us and shows us where blockages are effective in our lives, we ourselves can hardly discover them. We only need to be prepared to take unfamiliar paths and allow the unfamiliar, the new. God has no limits, we Christians are quite limited in our thinking and understanding of God.

Thank ​Y​ou Jesus, You are the door to God’s blessing! You want to bless, and I want ​Y​our full blessing without any compromises. Please, uncover where there are blockages so that they can be removed. Thank ​Y​ou, ​Y​ou are helping, because ​Y​ou love me very much.

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