Bread for the Children — 2015.12.22

Bread for the Children — 2015.12.22

I was young and now I am old,
yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken
or their children begging bread.
Psalm 37:25

Who are those righteous? Only Jesus Christ is righteous. He was never left by God. He got Jesus even out of the kingdom of death. God was always with Him and stood by His side. Jesus was secure in Gods hand. They were one – one heart and one soul.
If He is King of our heart, we are His children. We are the righteous when He forgives our sins. God sees the righteous in us when Jesus is living within us. He wouldn’t leave us just like he didn’t leave Jesus. He will stay at our side and will not let us out of His sight. We are completely safe with Him. All because Jesus is king in our heart.
God is the father who cares for His children. George Müller trusted on that some hundred years ago. In this time nobody cared for the orphans in England. They lived on the streets or were used as cheap labor. Most died young. George took them in even if he didn’t had any money. He only had the promise of the Lord. His mission grew and soon he had taken in hundreds of children for whom he had to care. He never had much money and sometimes he had not enough for the next meal, but the Lord kept His promise. Bread and money came before he could say the ‘amen’ of his prayer of thanks. No child had to freeze of stay hungry. Not one meal was skipped because they couldn’t afford it. The Lord took care for all, because He is the father to the orphans. Müller believed the Lord and saw miracles.
I never saw someone left by God, who trusted in God. I saw many Christians in trouble. But I never saw someone hunger that trusted Jesus. What I did saw was a lot of doubts and small faith, but there is another thing I saw: God was always greater! He saved us from all troubles. Again and again. Undoubtedly we should trust this Lord. He means well and He keeps the promises He made.

Thank You Jesus, You are my righteousness! All promises made by the Father apply to me! I can trust You completely. Great! Now my worries can disappear, because You care for me!

Bible reading today: Romans 14:13-23
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