Bread of Life  –  2020.09.09

Bread of Life  –  2020.09.09

It is written: Man should not live from bread alone,
but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.
Matthew 4:4

The truth of the first part of above sentence could already often be proved:  A few hundred years ago there was an electoral prince in Germany who made an experiment with orphans. He allowed nurses to look after them but not to give them any emotional attention, no tenderness, no love. All children died soon, although they have got enough to eat. Without love, warmth of heart, security one cannot live.
Today we hear that old people in retirement homes who were not allowed to receive visitors due to Coronavirus, died of loneliness. Young people are freaking out today, rebel in pure egoism, or get depressed due to the restrictions of this pandemic time.
Even if it is part of our life, money, prosperity, bread alone do not make us happy. Our heart, our soal thirsts for love and our spirit stays dead. Loneliness, frustration, aggression, greeds… how can I overcome them with bread alone? This requires a different nutrition.
Jesus is this nourishment. He brought the love of God, the divine mercy in the cold, indifferent world. He can forgive guilt, renders it ineffective, heals, conquers death, sickness and darkness. He says that we only can live by the love of God. For that He has given us the Holy Spirit. He died for our sins which separate us from God, went into the realm of the dead and conquered death as He had  defeated the devil in the desert before. Now the way to heaven is free which we now can go after God has sent us His Holy Spirit who dwells in us. The Holy Spirit enables us to be always in communion with God, to hear His voice, to do His will.
Yes, Jesus gave His life so that we can live. In Him we receive everything that God has in store for us. The Spirit of God let arise in us a devine character, gives us love, joy, peace, patience, mercy, discipline. Through His death the door of eternal life was opened for us. We are reconciled with God.
Therefore Jesus says: I am the bread of life. Who eats me will live forever! This means who claims the sacrifice of Jesus for himself has become a child of God, is a citizen of His Kingdom.

Thank You, Jesus, that you did everything for my salvation although I am a sinner, have not been a good man. Thank You for Your unconditional love and for Your patience with me. Holy Spirit, I am ready to receive more of You, I want everything that God has in store for me!

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