Catching Fishes  –  2020.08.19

Catching Fishes  –  2020.08.19

Come, follow me, and I will send you out to fish for people!
Matthew 4:19

Nowadays to have a devotion, all you need is a piece of paper with some notes on it. It could be simply a figure with some paint strokes that represent a person with head, arms and legs. Please tell me how fishes can be catched in this abstract way. That is impossible! It is a science in itself that you may learn in a university – I once discussed with anglers about their methods of success. When you draw more figures to the right and left of the one person and further above and below him, then a network of persons is created with which one could perhaps fish better and more comfortably.
But these people, this network, are lying on the beach, in safe,beautiful places, singing songs of praise, feeling good. They are not prepared to go into the deep water, to go into the lost dark world. It is too cold and threatening there. They could get infected.
No, they prefer worship on the beach, to enjoy community, to have fun.
In cities these networks are often very small. I know a town with 7 churches that only have 8, 12, 18, maximal 30 members. They all are fishing alone with little success. Jesus wants unity, one church in one place. We should better become reconciled, should appreciate and love each other to fish in unity.
Jesus says: Come and follow me. Go fishing like He showed you. He approached people and did not wait until they came as He loved them, was full of mercy. Do you love your neigbor? He spoke of the Kingdom of God. Through Him they could achieve peace and reconciliation with God, healing, and help from the Father in times of need. In His words there was power. With this power and authority He sent out His disciples, one time 12 and then 70. Today Jesus wants to send all Christians to fish in unity. There are so many people without hope who need Jesus!

Thank You, Jesus, you have fished me, made me child of God, reconciled me with Him. Now I will go to fish other people for You. Thank You for the brothers and sisters with whom I can do that in community.​ ​Lord, please give unity among the Christians! Do not let them work for You separately from each other and this by lying in the “sun” on the beach only. We can boldly go into the “water”, into the world, because You are there, stand by us and help with Your Holy Spirit.

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