Certainty  –  2020.04.26

Certainty  –  2020.04.26

For I am convinced that neither death nor life,
neither angels, nor demons,….
will be able to separate us from the love of God
that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 8:38f

Yesterdays prayer was about the Holy Spirit which gives us certainty that we are children of God. He should dwell and rule in our heart and should make true everything that He promised in the Bible.
That is truly the saving solution for all problems and doubts.
But with some people there are fundamental obstacles to follow this healing path. I realized that members of a family that had once practiced sorcery, some satanic cult, had difficulties to believe, to go into praise, were burdened with continuous doubts and suicidal thoughts. So, the doubts about your belief may be due to the fact that your great-grandmother did magic cult, or your great-grandfather had dedicated himself to the devil. God
s curse lies over that and according to the Bible four generations have to suffer from it. With the magical cult the devil was given the right to torture children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren until Jesus comes to redeem them from the curse by becoming a curse himself for them.
And today we want to pray for redemption of those who suffer from the magic of their ancestors, even though some theologians disapprove this kind of prayers. The practise that was carried out showed wonderful results of true liberations. The devil was cast out, he has nothing to say anymore. Jesus is now Lord. And great joy is coming up. The critical theologians should take notice of these healings and change their views on that.
In any case we want to ask for forgiveness for the sins of the ancestors with regard to their magic and satanic activities. We want to break the devil`s power over our life. For this we need all the help of the Holy Spirit who should fill our heart. Cry out loud that your prayers will be answered!

Jesus, forgive my ancestors their magic and satanic activities, that they sang praises to the devil, have dedicated their life to him with their own blood , have even sacrified their children to him. Please forgive! Forgive all their fortune-telling, spiritism, incantations. In the name of Jesus I break all bondages and chains with which the devils wants to bind me. I am now free as You, Jesus, lives in me forgiving all my guilt. Thank you so much! Oh fill me more with the Holy Spirit, with the Spirit of God that peace and certainty becomes strong in me, a certainty that I am Your child whom You love.

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