Certitude of faith  –  2020.08.14

Certitude of faith  –  2020.08.14

The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.
Romans 8, 16

It is quite amazing how many people who have been Christians for a long time do not know whether they are actually saved. Whether their sins are all forgiven, whether they will go to heaven after death, whether God loves them …. all these things are questioned. They have no certainty.
The Bible and God Himself find this no good! God knows the problem and has created a solution for it. How good for us! As a result our faith is no longer belief of the mind, but rather a belief of the heart. We become sure of our cause. Fear ends, hopelessness disappears, sadness and loneliness fade away.
God’s Spirit wants to take possession of us. HE wants the old to pass away, to die.  This includes our old self with all of its desires. Then He can take possession of our body and heart. HE brings this rock-solid certainty that we are God’s children, that we are redeemed, that our sins are truly forgiven. HE, the Holy Spirit, alone can do this. We cannot persuade ourselves or increase our belief in this faith.  We really cannot do that. Instead, HE has to tell us, every morning anew.
It is wonderful when HE takes possession of us. Then the whole of God’s love and joy is there. There is no more loneliness, singing and dancing is appropriate. Read the reports of the revivals! Where God’s presence can be felt, there is joy, liberation, healing of heart, soul, spirit and body, there is reconciliation, unity in spirit, praise and singing!
So we will ask the Holy Spirit to take possession of us so that He can be realized in us:

Lord, I come to You, because I’m not sure exactly whether You really love me, whether You have really forgiven my guilt, whether I will really go to Heaven one day. Please, fill me with Your Spirit, who gives me certainty, just as the Bible says. I give You my heart and my life and want You to take full possession of it. The old me shall die and everything shall become new. Lord, I beg you: Come and fill me!

PS: God knows that our loneliness is over when He takes possession of us. The Holy Spirit, our friend, helper and comforter is in us. HE defeats loneliness. You will never be alone again.

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