Changes in life –  2020.08.22

Changes in life –  2020.08.22

Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but i fit dies, it bears much fruit.
John 12, 24

When we pray for people, Christians often come forward and want prayer for their health. These prayers are sometimes not answered. This is because they do not want to change. What should God do if a woman suffers from overweight but wants to continue to eat happily. Or if a man sits around all his life and then has a atrophied back or legs have to come off. Often it is small exercises or renunciations that would have great effects if they were put into practice; – and there God should then hold out for our laziness and make up for our mistakes. This is what we want, so that we do not need to change. But it does not work that way, God will not let that happen to him.
Whenever our prayers are not answered, we have to look for these little mistakes and ask if we have to change something ourselves. Then God can also help to make it happen.
But our laziness and comfort, our pleasure-seeking and egoism often puts an end to His actions.
And our verse? Yes, don’t you understand? Our old, fat, fat me must die. It has to die for something new to arise. Don’t hold on to the things that bring you death! Throw them away in Jesus’ name! And take His side actively, let Him live in you and through you! Consecrate your life to Him and live for Him. Sacrifice your pleasure, your luxury, your secret desires and live as He wants you to live. Live for His glory. Then God can finally become active and heal and use you.
Do not hold on to your old life; – it brings you death. Rise up and seize the new life, the life of Jesus. Then many, many problems will pass away without you having to pray for them! And your life gets a meaning, gets a goal, gets joy and hope.
Stop whining, get up! HE is there and waiting to fill you with life.

Thank ​Y​ou Jesus, ​Y​ou care how I live. Yes LORD, I lay everything down at ​Y​our feet. I want to live the way ​Y​ou want me to live. I want ​You to live in me!

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