Charge – 2014.12.19

Charge – 2014.12.19

Who will bring a charge against God’s elect people? It is God who acquits them. Who is going to convict them? It is Christ Jesus who died, even more, who was raised, and who also is at God’s right side. It is Christ Jesus who also pleads our case for us.
Romans 8:33f

How often do our own thoughts bring a charge against us! Every little thing we put right in front of us, consider and evaluate it and thereby make it bigger and bigger. You have no idea how the enemy, the father of lies, likes that! He loves it when we roll around in the filth of self-condemnation. And Jesus? – He looks at us sadly and thinks: When will he finally understand?
It is not my work, that I am righteous before God. Jesus did that for me. I’m not a saint, but Jesus sanctified me for God. I have not chosen myself, but Jesus has chosen me. And he did not do this because I’m so perfect and beautiful, but because He loves me infinitely. Everything, absolutely everything, Jesus has made. I just said YES. He loved me first, and now I love Him. He has made me righteous and now I want to live fair and holy; – And when things go wrong, then Jesus reveals my failure with His blood of love. He alone is the reason why I can stand before God. When will I finally realize that? No damnation! No Condemnation!!
If others can not judge and condemn me, then I can’t do it either. Otherwise I would offend Jesus who has done all this for me. If I condemn myself, how can I believe in Jesus’ redemption? If I want to be righteous itself, why do I need Jesus yet?
Yes, sometimes my thoughts bring a charge against me and want to judge me and let me look like a failure. But I rather run to Jesus, my helper for He makes me clean of all failure. That’s why I love Him so much.

Thank you, Jesus, You have redeemed me! Self-doubt and self-condemnation, away from me! Jesus is the winner, because He freed and redeemed me in every way. Nothing is too heavy for Him. He has promised it to me and His Spirit in me assures me: I am forgiven, I am redeemed and liberated. God loves me!

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