Children of God – 2020.06.25

Children of God – 2020.06.25

But all those who took him in,
He gave power to become children of God,
all who believe in His name.
John 1,12

My two boys absolutely want to be my children, they can’t imagine anything else. Other children don’t want it; – probably it is because they don’t know me, and my boys are used to dealing with me.
We are children of God, when we can no longer imagine anything else, because we know God, the Father. Because we know Him, we do not want another father, we love and trust Him. Certainly, we cannot understand many things, but we know Him nevertheless, because He has revealed Himself to us as a loving Father.
All who believe in Jesus are children of God. God has also created other people, HE loves them and struggles for them. But His children, so with birthrights, inheritance and citizenship, these are only those who have taken Jesus into their hearts.
I know many who come to church, to the house groups and talk with them and pray and read the Bible. And yet they are their own master; Jesus is outside the door of the heart. It is difficult to recognize or distinguish between them, and often it is not important for us to know who is now a real child of God and who is not. God alone is responsible for this.
Many of the “followers” withdraw after some time and no longer come or only go to the service out of habit and because nobody comes too close to them there.
God loves children, HE would like to have many, many more! He wants to shower them with love, care, gifts and His mighty presence. It would not be too much for Him if all 7 billion people wanted to be children of God. He would have very, very much time for everyone. He would hear every single prayer. And in each of His new children, He would invest all possible love.
Jesus was completely human, our big brother, so to speak. He has redeemed us from sin and darkness. He gave us His Holy Spirit so that we can live as children of God. When He lives in our hearts, then God looks at us with grace, then there is no more judgment, no more condemnation, no more sin, then He sees not me, but His Son Jesus in me. That is why I am a child of God through Jesus, there is no other way.
Only get to know Jesus more and more, as a big brother, as a liberator, as redeemer from sin and guilt, as a helper in sickness and death, as a victor over attachments, as the way to the Father’s heart. – There is no other way.

Thank You Jesus, You are my big brother and You live in my heart! How good that I have found You! Thank You for the redemption, thank You that I may be a child of God, thank You for giving me so much blessing from God!

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