Christians in everyday life – 2016.06.05

Christians in everyday life – 2016.06.05

If a man cleanses himself from the latter, he will be an instrument for noble purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.
2 Timothy 2:21

Sometimes it seems that the great promises of God are valid only for especially holy people. They stand in the spotlight and God does great works through them.
However, most of the people are normal, everyday citizens who do their daily work, take care of their family, and raise their children – nothing special at all.
God likes to tell these common people how deeply He appreciates them. He sees how faithfully they do their duties in obedience. He says: Today, and each day I am at your side!
In the psalms a verse says: God looks on the quiet ones in the country. Yes, He sees those who are not standing in the spotlight but do their work quietly. He says: All my promises for the well-known ones also refer to them.
When we once stand before God we will see in heaven many housewives, normal workers, farmers, even slaves, garbage men, teachers and handicapped people, all kinds of people. There will be only few well-known people, rich men or earthly leaders in the kingdom of God.
God builds His kingdom with normal people. He purifies them by forgiving them their faults and filling them with the Holy Spirit. So they are made holy and are separated for Him. They are prepared to serve Jesus, to do good works for Him.
He knows the concerns of ordinary people. Therefore He refers to His words: Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. He knows how difficult our life is. Therefore He wants us to contact Him first in all matters. He wants to care for us. He wishes to give us to eat, to drink, clothes, accommodation and work. Brothers and sisters let us trust and be relaxed! We have a wonderful God! He helps us every day, prepares a way for us, and is near at our side.  We want to take care of ourselves in order to live a holy life; we want to be holy vessels for the Lord, free from the dirt of this world.
God wants that His light would shine through His ordinary people into this dark world. In this life all people should see clearly how we organize our life with God. They will realize God’s peace in us, and the joy God gives us. They can see our righteousness, faithfulness in our words and in all that we do. In all details we want to reflect Jesus. Then He can build His kingdom with us.

Thank You, Jesus, that You are nor despising the small. You are near to those who are weak, and lonely and have a broken heart. You fill us with Your power; give us wisdom for the days with joy and peace, with mercy, and compassion. We want to be faithful to You and be loyal witnesses. You are at my side today and all days.

Bible reading today: 2 Timothy 2: 14-26

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