Citizens of Heaven  –  2021.03.23

Citizens of Heaven  –  2021.03.23

You are therefore no longer strangers without citizenship, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God.
Ephesians 2:19

Isn’t that beautiful? Because we have been washed clean and made righteous by Jesus, we are no longer strangers to God, no longer aliens, foreigners, unknowns! He knows us and recognises us as His children, members of His family! Where is that in any religion? Nowhere. And it is all by grace, without a single ounce of our own merit.
We are also no longer visitors with God. So on Sundays we visit God for an hour and that’s it. And if there is something special, we visit again. Visitors leave again. It’s always nice to have visitors, but they come and then they go again, they don’t belong to the household.
But we have now become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, no longer visitors or strangers. We can show a passport, so to speak: Citizens of Heaven. No matter how we behave, we belong. Here we are something like the embassy of God on earth. But our home is in Heaven, with God. There, of course, we want to give Him glory and not deliberately sin and just have our own fun. No, we live for Him, for His glory, not for our comfortable couch and not for our career. Our lives are too short and eternity too long to be played with; – it’s serious.
Remember, you live in the household of God, in His family, in His house. Behave well! Don’t be tempted to cheat your brothers, to lie or not pay your debts! What do you think will happen when your brothers and sisters tell the Lord? Will He ever trust you with great things again? Live as a member of God’s household should!
And keep in touch with the master of the house, with God. It cannot be that you live in His house and hardly ever talk to Him. You should tell Him everything and seek His advice for everything. He is the Father of the whole, He has everything in view, so talk to Him about everything. That’s what He wants.

Thank You Jesus, You made me a child of God, a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, a co-inhabitant of the house of God. That is great! I can’t even begin to comprehend it ….. I need more of Your good Spirit so that I can live a life worthy of You!

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