Collecting treasures – ​ 2019.08.15​

Collecting treasures – ​ 2019.08.15​

Do not gather treasures here on earth, where moth and worm destroy them and where thieves break in and steal them, but gather treasures in heaven …
Jesus Christ, Gospel of Matthew 6, 19

If only we could understand that!! So much time and work, energy and effort we invest in luxury, prosperity and pleasure. And so often we have been disappointed, cheated or sold useless things for a lot of money. So many people chase after the God of money, even Christians, and in the end they no longer have like others.
What is the goal of your life? A great couch set? Or a super holiday? A high pension? Why do you work, why do you live, what do you invest your energy in?
In the end everything is the same anyway. We can’t take anything with us to heaven. Everything we are struggling for here is already in abundance in heaven anyway.
What do you live for?
Jesus has a completely different life program. A pensioner from Switzerland had saved her life, because she wanted to travel around the world. She came to Manila in the Philippines. She saw the need of the street children, bought a house and took the children in. Since then she has been happy. She has found the meaning of her life in old age. – Why wait so long?
This time is nearing its end. The turmoil in the world, especially in the Middle East, is increasing almost daily. What do we want to show Jesus when He returns? Our sofa? Our great television? How good we are at sports?
Jesus does not want us to waste our lives. It should be filled with divine meaning, purpose, fulfillment and peace. Deep joy at the Lord who rules everything so gloriously. When will we understand it?
But let us not plunge into activities right away! For first the Lord must be found. – John the Baptist, and also Paul, therefore spent a long time in the desert, in silence with their Lord. And when they were ready to do His will, He called them into their special work. They are still spoken of today. The same goes for Hudson Taylor, General Booth, Müller and what they are all called. Some have only worked for a few years, but have done more than others in a hundred years.
Give Him your life completely, renounce everything, listen to Him, and then let Him send you. He knows what He is doing!

Here I am, Lord! Send me!​!!​

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