Come and See! – 2014.07.12

Come and See! – 2014.07.12

Come and see.
John 1, 39 + 46

Jesus invites us to see. We should not blindly believe! We shall see His glory! And we shall see Himself, the Lord of lords.
Our faith in Him is to be firmly established; no theory which can be constantly changed, but a firm conviction. We believe in Jesus, the person, and not a theology!
Everyone can experience Jesus. For example, in the silence, when He speaks to our hearts. Or during worship when we feel His powerful presence. Or in the sermon, when His word reaches us. Or in times where He comforts us. His peace is perceptible, His joy overwhelming. Or in the small sign of His love when we experience the impossible.
Jesus can do! He Himself invites us to "test" Him.
But a heart that constantly asks questions and believes in stupid accidents, will never experience it. It can not simply and childishly say that the Lord has done it! – It gets stuck in his doubts, remaining like a piece of driftwood in the ocean, driven to and fro by wind and waves.
"Come and see", one to the other disciples says. We often lack the arguments to convince others. But Jesus Himself wants to prove Himself. We just need to invite our fellow human to Jesus: Come and see yourself (l. 46)! It is not so much on ourselves whether the Other comes to faith, but on Jesus. We only need to refer to Him.
In verse 39 two men Jesus who are curious follow Jesus. For John the Baptist said about Him: Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! Jesus asks them what they want. And they say "where do you live?" Jesus invites them to come and see! – And they stay the day with Him. In communion with Him their heart is open to Jesus and since that moment they follow Him. And they also invite other people: Come and see!

Thank you, Jesus, You are so real! I can not see You, but I know You’re there, very close to me! I want to give You the first place in my heart, for You are the God who loves me.

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