Comfort  –  2020.03.26

Comfort  –  2020.03.26

That’s my consolation in misery:
Your promise gives me life.
Psalm 119:50

God has written many promises over my life. They mean a lot to me. For often there have been misfortunes or attacks or depressions. Then His promises helped me through, I clung to them and they came alive and became my consolation. Cheap slogans like: Everything will be all right … Time heals all wounds …. – they don’t bring it. They do not comfort anyone in need. Only Jesus alone can do that. When I pour out my heart to Him, He begins to comfort me, gives me courage, shows me new ways, and changes my desolate, discouraged mood. It takes a little time, sure. It doesn’t happen in a few seconds.
This process shows all the attention of Jesus for a suffering person: HE always takes an interest and has the right words, the right ideas, hope and sees further than we can. HE changes the despondent, aching heart, because only HE has access to our deepest depths.
I realize that much of my vulnerability is due to past experiences. HE has so much understanding that sometimes I overreact. And HE heals these deep injuries and makes me more stable. But He does not need a perfectly healthy person to use Him as a witness; – He is powerful even in the weak.
His comfort mostly lies in the promises of the Bible, which we may take personally. God speaks through the Bible. HE makes the words come alive for us. If we read the Bible not only critically with our head, but with the eyes of the heart, He speaks. Then we find every comfort we need.
The words of prophets that refer to my ministry are not bad. But in difficult situations they do not comfort as well as the Bible does. God speaks directly, without a human mediator.
Read the Bible, and you will be comforted; read it, and you will become a strong man; read it with your heart, and God will work in you.

Thank You for Your word! It is alive and consoles me. Thank You!

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