Concrete faith – 2014.10.11

Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.
Genesis 15:6

Abram knew a lot about God and believed in God. HE was the Creator; HE was God! But this "general" faith followed by concrete Abram’s actions. It is not hard to believe that God is Creator and Lord. But it is much harder to believe in Him in a concrete situation.
God required a lot from Abram: he should move out of his home and go to the land which God will show him. He had no children, but God promised him more offspring than the stars of heaven. And he believed in the Lord. He really left everything he had and went out. He was confident that this Lord will provide him and show him the country. Such concrete steps of faith we need!
The better we get to know Jesus, the easier it is for us to trust Him. He wants our trust in every small and big situation. Whether it is the firewood for the winter or breakfast for the children – He wants our trust and He will provide us like a real father meeting his children needs!
This faith seeks Heavenly Father and goes to Him. Those looking for righteousness before God can not obtain it only by good deeds, but by faith in Jesus that encourages good deeds. Faith is always active!
Thank you, Jesus, that you encourage us to go concrete steps of faith. You will not disappoint anyone! Yes, Jesus, I want to believe you and build my life on you. You will never drop me! Thank you, with you I am safe.
Bible reading for today: Matthew 27:27-44
Yesterday evening I received a mail from Iraq. A city has been occupied by the IS, the Islamic terror gangs. Now the Islamists go into the Christians house, from house to house, getting children out and forcing them to choose: Islam or execution. The children have not denied Jesus…
Please, we need to pray for our brothers and sisters in Iraq and Syria! They need a divine comfort and consolation! Jesus wants to show himself there as Savior and even use this terrible situation to spread the Gospel! Our sisters and brothers need courage, determination, protection, wisdom, consolation… (they have lost their children. How would we cope with it?)
The german mail can be requested from me: frank.lietuva

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