Concrete faith, concrete praye​r​ ​ – 2019.08.25​

Concrete faith, concrete praye​r​ ​ – 2019.08.25​

Jesus said to the healed leper :
“Your faith has made you well!”
Luke 17:19

On the way to Jerusalem Jesus met 10 lepers. They stood at a distance and called out in a loud voice “Jesus, Master, have pity on us!” They had a concrete problem and a concrete request to Jesus. And Jesus answered very concretely. “Go, show yourselves to the priests!” On the way to them they were healed. But only one of them turned back to thank Jesus. To that man Jesus said: Your faith has helped you.
With Jesus everything is concrete, not as vague as sometimes with us human beings and with me as well. Until now I often was uncertain whether Jesus heard my prayers. May be. It is His decision!  That “maybe” is the greatest enemy. Often I was disappointed, no answer! Other, however, were healed after praying.
Could not be this “maybe” the reason for God`s silence? For I know: God hears every prayer! He knows all my thoughts, actions and feelings, everything lies open before Him. Nothing is hidden to Him.
He certainly does not like to disappoint me. He wants more prayers! Prayers in more strong faith! A maybe is not enough.
If I know that Jesus is hearing all my prayers and answers them as it is good for me then I pray more confidently, certain, stronger, more often, and longer. The trust in God is the motivation for my prayers. No doubt, He likes to bless, to answer, to heal!
There was an investigation in how often one was healed by prayer.. One third of the interviewees were healed on the spot, another third had been in a healing process and with the last third nothing seemed to have happened. Nevertheless,  the last third remained happy and were sure that the prayers had done them good after all.
Yes, God definitely hears prayers and even when fulfillment is not coming immediately you may be sure God gives you the best, covers you with His love.
This gives me peace and encourage me to turn to God anew, to make concrete requests and to expect good answers.

Thank You, Jesus, You appreciate my faith! You are hearing my prayers. You haven given me enough faith that is not too small! Thank You for blessing the people for whom I pray. Lord, You are wonderful!

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