Concrete sin  –  2019.12.08

Concrete sin  –  2019.12.08

Therefore confess your sins to each other
and pray for each other
so that you may be healed.
James 5:16

Whenever you happen to lie or even to deceit, or sin somehow, you have the possibility to repent and to ask for forgiveness. When this is done in sincerity and in the name of His Son Jesus who died on the cross for our sins, God will grant forgiveness as He is looking into our heart.
If a sin weighs too heavily on you and the devil is attacking you, then it is good to find a reliable witness to whom you can confess your trepasses. The witness will forgive him in the name of Jesus so that the devil has no power over him anymore. There is peace, joy, and certainty of forgiveness again. That is true confession, a powerful instrument in the battle against the devil, the accuser.
Regretfully there are not many reliable Christians whom you can trust. But God will show us the right people.
The above verses do not require a confession before the assembled community, possibly with all intimate details. Much emotional harm, many injuries can arise thereby that are difficult to cure.
Forgiveness of concrete sins causes miracles. Freedom is there, any pressure is gone! However, the sin must be described and confessed accurately. A general confession of sin is not bad but often not sufficient. There is the danger that you hide your sin behind it. We have to overcome our pride and to confess our concrete sin in obedience. We must know that we are sinners and that only the grace of Jesus can redeem us. That is our prayer when we ask for forgiveness.
How liberating that our Lord died on the cross for all our sins and that we can come to Him with all our trepasses. With increasing age I ask more and more for forgiveness. Paul said to himself up to the very end that he is the greatest sinner. He knew, without forgiveness he would be lost, would have no pure life with God.

Thank You, Jesus, You love me and forgive all my guilt and failures. I may come to You always to confess my sins. And You forgive in Your loving loyalty. How great You are, how immeasurable Your love.

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