Constant falling  –  2020.03.06

Constant falling  –  2020.03.06

For the righteous fall seven times,
they rise again,
but the wicked stumble
when calamity strikes.
Proverbs 24, 16

Sometimes a wicked man, – one who does not need God, – falls only once. But then so thoroughly that he never gets up again. His whole life has been luck and success. But then adversity strikes. Off to the abyss, into eternal oblivion. The devil lulled him into a false sense of security, and he trusted the liar. Now he sits in darkness, no hope, no way out.
The righteous man who trusts in Jesus falls often. This is normal for us. It is God’s school, His training, it is not a form of torture. We should become strong in faith, because HE saves again and again. Even if we fall seven times a day, He lifts us up every time.
I know a Christian who is a model of faithfulness and devotion. But when he falls, he is down for weeks. – Another Christian I know screws up often. But then he immediately goes to Jesus, asks for forgiveness, receives it and just gets up again without complaining about his sins. He is a joyful child of God; he has understood what forgiveness means.
If Jesus makes you a child of God, then you can be happy and serene. You know, God knew, long before you were born, what kind of person you are, and HE said: Yes, him I want, him I want as my child. – And now He has you! He knew in advance where and when and how you would fail; – and yet He said Yes to you. Isn’t that wonderful? It is truly liberating!
That’s why we always want to go to Him immediately, confess our guilt to Him, and get up again, trusting in His love, grace and forgiveness! HE is really such a wonderful Father, who loves to forgive us all the time. Halleluja!

Thank You Jesus, You loved me first when I was a dark sinner! But now I have grown to love You and I don’t want to fall anymore. But in life I often fail; – how good that You always forgive me! Thank You!

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