Constantly and at any time! – 2016.05.22

Constantly and at any time! – 2016.05.22

Be joyful always!
Pray continually!
Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will
for you in Christ Jesus.
Do not put out the Spirit’s fire!
Thessalonians 5:16ff

In this small section, in chapter 5:11-22, Paul describes all what makes Christian life for us. Read it yourself! I only mentioned some verses of them.
How it is possible to live constantly a life as mentioned above? I think of John, of the example of the vine. Jesus is the vine and we as grapes are connected with Him. So the juice and the power of the vine can flow continually in us, and the grapes grow and ripen. The juice of the vine is the Holy Spirit. If we separate us from the vine we put out the Holy Spirit and wither like the fruits dry up and shrivel. There are Christians who try to live without the Spirit of God. They have problems to pray constantly, to be joyful always, and to be grateful for everything.
It is much easier and very relaxed to live holy when God’s power is flowing though us and the fruit grows of itself. Then you can rejoice and be grateful! And you are in steady contact with the Lord and talk with Him.
In verse 24 there is another promise for us: The One who calls you is faithful and He will do it. How soothing is that for us. He Himselves is doing everything for us. We only have to be connected with Him and take care that nothing is separating us from Him. He is faithful! He keeps His word!
Therefore let us open our heart today and be joyful, filled with gratitude. This day, no our whole life, should be determined by gratefulness, joy and prayers!

Thank You, Jesus, You want to do that all! Your life should flow through me and mark me! I will rejoice and be thankful, for You are a faithful, wonderful God and Master! Continually I will talk with You and have communion with You. For I love You and You love me!

Bible reading today – 1 Thessalonians 5: 12-28

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