Crisis – 2014.12.21

"Keep me as the apple of Your eye;
hide me in the shadow of your wings!"
Psalm 17:8
Refuge is only in the Lord. We always try to provide everything for the future, are keen to be prepared for any tight situation. However, we feel somewhere that this is not sufficient. If suddenly we really are inmidst of a heavy crisis all preparations seem to be in vain and we are in great despair. There is no security here. Real Estate, gold, health they all can collapse. What remains?
Certainly it is recommendable to effect insurance contracts and to take the necessary precautions. But we should take care not to be worried too much. There are unforeseen crises which are overwhelming us: severe sickness, divorce, bankruptcy … and then? In this moment it is essential that you are standing on a rock. It could be that everything is falling away and you have nothing but your naked life. In this moment your are deeply thankful that Jesus is your Saviour.
Yes, only on Him who created heaven and earth we should rely. He keeps me as the apple of His eye and hides me in the shadow of His wings. Even if I get totally lost He will be there to console and to support me. He is my rock on which I unshakeable can stand. Then I only can praise Him with thanksgiving. Now I know what it means: The joy of the Lord is our strength. Indeed, it is the presence of the Lord in your heart which makes you happy, not the circumstances in which you live.
Thank you, Father in Heaven, you are there!. Heaven and earth will pass away but You will be with us. You hold me tight, take care about me . In your presence I cannot be anything but grateful. You are so good to me. You fill me with love and joy.

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