Darkness  –  2019.11.28

Darkness  –  2019.11.28

The people who live in darkness,
has seen a bright light;
to those who dwell in the shadow of death,
a light has appeared.
Matthew 4, 16

It is now the end of November. Darkness reigns outside. In the morning we leave the house in the dark and come back in the evening. You always need light in your apartment and at work. Outside there is often fog, it is hazy, raining and blowing. Such a real dirty weather that doesn’t attract anyone outside.
But inside there is light. Sometimes candles are already burning and hot tea is waiting. How good that there is light! Otherwise our days would be really very short.
Some people get depressions from the darkness. It strikes on the mind. Almost all people are in a bad mood. Darkness doesn’t get us.
So it is with our hearts: If darkness rules, we feel bad. There we need light! Jesus himself is this light that we lack. We can cheer each other up, but then we will be alone again….. Alcohol often becomes a comforter. Or the tablets. Better to live with Jesus and carry Him in your heart.
The darkness outside reminds us that we are going into darkness. What do we know what is after death? – It reminds us of transience, especially our own. Just as dreams and sickness remind us of the end. We don’t like it at all, so we never answer these questions. But so this sword always hangs over us, so we always sit in the shadow of death.
Darkness reigns outside. And we get an idea of what it is like when the ruler of darkness rules people: darkness, hopelessness and no joy at all.
How good that Jesus is the light! Even the divine light! He brings it into our hearts, and hope begins to live again! He brings joy and deep harmony with Himself, with God and the world. How good it is to have Jesus in one’s heart!

Thank You Jesus, You are the light of the world, the hope that holds! Lord, it is often dark in me. Please come and become my light! I don’t want to live in the dark anymore, come and make everything new! Thank You for loving me!

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