David’s sin  –  2020.06.16

David’s sin  –  2020.06.16

A psalm of David … when the prophet Nathan came to him after David had committed adultery with Bathsheba.
Psalm 51, 1

We are Christians, but we are also human beings. And every now and then we make catastrophic mistakes. Like David.  He even had her husband insidiously murdered.
Sometimes, when we think we are standing firm, temptation creeps into our heart and robs us of our innocence. We are completely banished, direct all our thoughts and desires to just one thing, completely shut out God and … fall in completely.
How many had loved the Lord in their youth and followed Him until the man or woman of their dreams entered the field, and then everything was forgotten. And once you have made a mistake, the others quickly follow and you are soon married. You can already guess that this is not right and not God’s will. But it is the logical consequence of our sin and we think we have to take the blame and live with it​.​
Or we are faithful Christians, married, children. And then the temptation comes and we forget everything and make a crash landing. That’s when our world collapses, we would never have thought that of ourselves. And then comes the punishment that we inflict on ourselves, the consequences of our guilt: separation, divorce ….
Unfortunately, we often have a wrong image of God and wrong ideas about God the Father. HE loves being merciful. And what do sinners need most? Mercy and again mercy. We think in legal terms. That’s why we follow a sinful path so consistently. We accept the punishment, even if it should be life imprisonment.
David took a different path. Nathan, the prophet came to him, and he recognized and confessed his sin. Then God forgave and reorganized life. Sin was not forgotten or minimized, but the poison of sin was removed from his life.
Whoever makes a mistake should come to Jesus immediately (!) and confess everything to Him. Together you will find a way out. HE loves being merciful!
Read the 51st Psalm of David with an open heart and believe Him who loves to be merciful to you.

Thank You Jesus, for forgiveness and salvation. Thank You for giving hope where there is hardly any to be found. Thank You, You know of ways out that we would never dream of. You really are the Good Shepherd!

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