Deception – 2016.05.25

Deception – 2016.05.25

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way.
2 Thessalonians 3:16

Yesterday I saw a movie. A man was sitting lonely in his apartment with great problems. Then he got up to dip into the world of glamour and glitter of Las Vegas where he played his role as a perfect man. When friends asked about his well-being he always replied: Excellent, never better than now! Of course a big lie. But the whole world of Las Vegas is founded in falsehood and deception. Finally the man had to return to his apartment, back to the reality of loneliness.
Many people are blinded and seduced by this world of glamour and glitter with their garish neon colors. They consider it as a reality in which they like to live. They see always movies which produce this world of glamour and glitter, a perfect world which only hides the lies and intrigues. Bad and dangerous if one get involved in this world of seductions.
When not grounded in God our heart is an unstable, restless thing. Constantly it is looking for something new, forces us to bring false sacrifices, to chase after illusions. Until we stumble and are ruined. Do not be captured by the network of the liar!
Align your heart completely on Jesus! He is it who says: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
When the sun rises all the glamour and glitter of Las Vegas are gone. You then see the ladies without makeup. And the bare concrete blocks deceiving the people with radiant life at night.
We will find peace only in Jesus. We want Him and nothing else. Only He will meet all our needs. He cares for us. He is with us and no loneliness dominates us. With Him we have the fullness of joy. We do not want to be deceived by the fraud of the enemy.

Thank You, Jesus, that You have found me! You are the foothold of my life. You care for me wonderfully. In You I find peace, satisfaction, felicity, and joy for You really love me. No, never I will fall back into the world of deceptions.

Bible reading today – 2 Thessalonians 3: 1-18

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