Devastated – 2016.09.17

Devastated – 2016.09.17

Rejoice not over me, O my enemy;
when I fall, I shall rise;
when I sit in darkness,
the Lord will be a light to me.
Micha 7, 8

Sometimes we stumble and fall. Then we are stunned on the ground. We feel everything is broken again. But Micha knows the Lord, he knows this is not the end!
The previous verse says: But I look out to the Lord, I wait trusting in God my Savior. My God will hear me.
It is good if we have in mind, when we are once again at the bottom: My God will hear me. He will not let me lie on the ground, but helps me up again. When I fall into sin, He will forgive and help me back on the right path. And if I lose a fight, so will He give new courage. He is there, He who has the last word. Although illness or weakness forces us to the ground, so this is not the end: He will raise us up when we see Him.
It is first difficult to get rid of self-pity, pain and disappointment and to get a clear view of the LORD. But it is possible if Jesus helps us. This is the only way out of self-pity, bitterness, disappointment and pain. He will heal the wounded heart. His spirit will revive us and give strength and hope.
We are not the only ones who have had times on the ground. Elia that way, just like of Hagar and Jonah. Paul was in prison, and it took hours before he could thank again and praise. Even Jesus was in Gethsemane on the floor and wrestled with God and his destiny. But all rose again, looked at the Lord and were no longer in the dust on the ground.
It is not always easy, raising your head again, especially when our state lasts for a long time. Yet Jesus sends us His angels that refresh us when we turn to Him. The Lord is my light, even in the dark. He is with me, He has the last word!
Thank you, Jesus, you never let me down! Even if I’m on the floor, you help me back up. For you alone are my hope. You fortify my limbs and my soul. With you my soul comes to rest. Thank you for being there!!

Bible Reading Today: John 4: 43-54

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