I have tested you in the fire of suffering,
as silver is refined in a furnace.
Isaiah 48, 10

There are some people who feel far away from God. These are those humans who have a physical disease, what tackles the soul. Many people who suffer from migraine feel punished and damned by God. They are bitter and accuse God. There is Hyperthyroidism. These people are very lively and sometimes overdo things. A mother was totally desperate as she was in a terrible state of nerves and became crazy at each trifle. We gave her a herbal remedy against hyperfunction and after two weeks she was fine! How many self-reproach did she made for their impatience! How much pastoral care was unnecessary! Then there are many food intolerances and allergies. Sometimes they stimulate the brain in such a way that people become hyperactive and not even be able to sleep. All of these people have in common that they berate themselves and feel punished by God. No! There are “only” physical things that affect us so much. God is there! Also in the furnace of affliction He is with us! He is holding His hand over us and covers us with love! Each person has a different furnace, so that all selfishness, pride and jealousy can be melted. We want to accept it, because our God wants to make us wonderful.

Thank You, Father, You mean well with me! Even in the furnace of affliction You won’t leave me, but surround me on every side. You have big plans for me and want to clean and form me. Yes, You can trust me!

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