Devotion – 2014.07.17

Devotion – 2014.07.17

I have told you this so that you will have peace by being united to me. The world will make you suffer. But be brave! I have defeated the world!
John 16, 33

Sometimes there are many things which assail us at once and we hardly find time to catch our breath. And sometimes all different things break down at the same time and we can hardly keep up with repairing. Sometimes everyone wants a trifle of us, so that we can’t even find time to make breakfast. Somehow chaos seems to reign. (Excuse me, our Internet didn’t work yesterday and it will take until Monday, to fix it.)
In the midst of this hectic this verse becomes noticeable and clear. Yes, in Him I am safe. Everything may go wrong somehow, but He’s still the Lord! In Him I come to rest, even if it remains stressful. But He is there! He takes me by the hand. He can stop all at once, if He considers it right.
Here on earth Jesus had a plenty of "afflictions" too. Once around midday He was at a fountain and was thirsty. But a woman wanted to talk to Him. Another time he had been preaching for a long time and wanted to go. But mothers came with their children who certainly were not quiet. They wanted His blessing for their kids! Once He wanted to be alone, as His friend John had been executed. Nevertheless the crowd found Him and He had to continue preaching, healing and couraging. His life has not been influenced by the circumstances, but He was the Lord about it. In everything, he saw the working of His heavenly Father. In this confidence He was totally safe and secure.
When He should fulfill an important mission on the other side of the lake, the enemy sent a very strong tempest. The ship threatened to capsize, but Jesus was asleep in the back of the ship. When the disciples woke Him up, He asked reproachfully: Why are you so afraid? The enemy was unable to harm Him, because God himself kept watching over Him. Yes, we have many afflictions, but one thing is sure: Always and everywhere He is the Lord! In Him I can stay safe.

Thank you, Jesus, at Your hand I am sure, even in a storm, lightning or thunder. You are my Lord and with You I can go through rough and smooth! You have a way for me!

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