Devotion – 2014.08.11

Devotion – 2014.08.11

It’s a good thing for the heart to be strengthened by grace!
Hebrews 13, 9

A strengthened heart: That means, somebody has found his place, has a meaning and an aim for his life, is safe and secure, has a firm opinion and is living a conviction, and he is solid as a rock – short: a strong, solid human. At the beginning of the verse it is written: Don’t let all kinds of strange teachings lead you into the wrong way. All thinking, which is not the gospel of Jesus, is this strange teaching. Many people constantly change their minds and their thinking. A friend of mine has a new diet every few weeks. He always tries to explain this in all details and is very excited, – but he has never lost a kilo. A friend is always anxious to what the community might think about her. She never risks something but limits her freedom through her anxiety. Some are constantly trying to please God. The list can be continued almost endlessly. But the Gospel of Christ will set us free! It wants our heart to get strengthened!
Our own activity and effort doesn’t make a strong heart. Only through the bondage or rather the solidarity of the Heavenly Father, we become strong. He is more important as everything others think about us! His grace, His mercy and His love for me are an undeserved gift. I want to grab it and hold on to it! I don’t need to work hard, because this grace I can not deserve. I can only bask in it and feel relaxed. Yes, He makes my heart firm, firm in himself. I am safe and secure. I will fear no evil. I can always look forward. At all times I can thank Him. As well, this solidarity in Him!

Thank you, Jesus, You have opened me the way to God’s heart. Now I can rest in Him and His peace. Nothing can worry or disturb me, because your kindness is on my life. You care for me wonderfully!

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