I call all this to mind –
therefore, I will wait.
Certainly the faithful love of the Lord hasn’t ended;
certainly God’s compassion isn’t through!
They are renewed every morning.
Great is your faithfulness.
Lamentations 3, 21ff

This morning I took my children to the bus stop. On the way back I recognized how wonderful, colorful and varied God has formed His creation. Therefore I started to worship Him and my heart became happy. I could cheerfully greet the people I met on the street and they smiled back. Yes, life is beautiful!
Actually I am a real grumpy in the mornings! I am still tired and there is much need to be done. Then I take a look at the street dust at my feet, briefly greet the pedestrians and remain silent. No, this is not what God has imagined!
This morning he’s back again, with His grace and mercy He wants to meet me. Even my phone I found in the rubber boots of my smallest one! I thought the guys, who were at our farm yesterday had stolen it; …. so we can deceive ourselves.
He is the merciful Lord who is standing above my life, above every little thing, and He says: I love you! I like you! I like your hair, your hands and feet, even your nose! Yes, you are my wonderful creation. The mix of talents and the things you are not so good at, is just right! I don’t like everything that you make of yourself, but you yourself, I like! Today I’ll be with you again and my grace shines on your life. Let’s make this day together!
Yes, so is our God: Every bad things of yesterday are over now. Also this morning He says YES to us, full of mercy and hope. He is there!

Thank You, Jesus, You are my best friend! With You this day will be successful, as Your mercy and grace reign! Thank You for your wonderful creation! I can be glad about this and my heart is happy! Yes, You are my wonderful God!

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