„Do you think I enjoy seeing evil people die?” asks the Sovereign Lord. “No, I would rather see them repent and live.“
Ezekiel 18, 23

It doesn’t pleases God at all, to punish a person or even left somebody to die. No, He is the love in person! When a man has to suffer because of his sin or even dies without salvation, He becomes very sad! There are really people who think that their suffering is God’s punishment for any offense. No, you just have to turn back from your wicked ways, and ask God for forgiveness – that settles the matter. If you still think He will punish you further, this is a huge distrust towards God, actually an insult and a pushing back of His love. When one of the criminals, who was crucified with Jesus begged Him for mercy, Jesus immediately said: I promise you: Today you will be in Paradise with me. So strong and full is His love and mercy! And for the rude soldiers who nailed Him to the cross, He prayed: Forgive them, Father! They don’t know what they are doing! God rather wants to forgive us than to punish us.
And how is it with us? What do we want for those who does us wrong? May we pray in silence: Father, forgive my sin and pay it back those who trespass against us??? That would be a shame for God. He has forgiven us and taught us to love! He wants to help so that this also becomes possible for us!

Thank You, Father, for completely forgiving my fault! Thank You, You’re not a wrathful, punishing God who keeps every small and great sin in good memory! You are the God who loves me limitless and that’s why You want to help me to forgive those who trespass against me and to even wish them good. Thank You, Father, forgiveness sets me free!

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