Devotion – June, 02

Devotion – June, 02

Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he had been sick for a very long time. So he asked him: “Do you want to be well?”
John 5,6

He has promised us: I have come in order that you might have life – life in all its fullness. But we often are miles away from that fullness. Sometimes it is, because we have exactly the same problem as this sick man. He still was lying in the hall for 38 years, together with other sick people who all hoped for a miracle. But the others were always faster. He had no chance. Now Jesus asked him: What do you want? Will you always accuse the others? Will you always struggle with your way of life? Will you stay sick and paralyzed to the end of your life? Will you trust your experience that there is no healing for you? And the sick man looked into Jesus’ eyes and recognized: This man has the power to heal me! He agreed to it, stood up, took his mat and walked! There are christians whose life of faith is paralyzed for decades. Of course the others are to blame! And they struggle with themselves, their family and God, who could have changed their destiny. But again and again Jesus asks: What do you want? Do you want to be healed and set free? The experience says, there is no hope. I have that problem for so long! But Jesus promised: If you want to stand up and walk, then do! I know a blind woman who radiates gratitude. She rests within herself and is happy and satisfied. Everyone loves to be in her vicinity. I know another, paralyzed woman sitting in a wheel chair, sending up an indescribable joy. Yes, they really have the life of Jesus in wealth! Someday He will also heal their afflictions. But He has His own, individual way for us and the order, how He wants to work with us, is always best. Stand up and walk! Do not stay paralyzed and grumpy in your misery. The Lord is calling for you!

Thank You Jesus, You set me free! In You I find life in abundance. I will stop considering my problems and want to take Your hand, stand up and cheerfully go my own way. For You, the Lord himself, are with me and encourage me!

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